What is FractMus

FractMus is a freeware algorithmic-music generator, that is, it creates melodies using mathematical formulas.

Screenshot of the program

Screenshot of the program.

Since the times of Ancient Greece, people have realized that music and mathematics had a very close relationship, maybe because music is the most abstract form of art. Using mathematics explicitly to create music is nevertheless something of our time. Without the help of the modern computer it would be a daunting task (if not an impossible one) to do all the necessary calculations by hand.

A word of caution: you are the composer, FractMus will create no masterpiece for you, nor it was designed for that. Think of it as a tool which gives you raw material that you can later use in your compositions. Writing a midi file and later importing it with music-editing programs such as Sibelius or Finale gives you the invaluable option of seeing your creation as a musical score, with all the correct pitches and durations, for later editing. FractMus uses only a few of the infinity of possible algorithms for note creation. Some of them exhibit fractal behavior, like the Morse-Thue sequence, Henon attractor, gingerbread man fractal, etc, while others use well-known formulas from chaotic dynamics, like the Logistic Map.

In the end, it is always your inventiveness what makes a composition better or worse, FractMus just gives you the “inspiration”.