The following are compositions created with material generated by Iamus Computer, a dedicated hardware for the Melomics project, of which I am a researcher since 2009. Melomics is being developed at the Universidad de Málaga and is concerned with the use of Artificial Life algorithms applied to music composition.

Abzu, preliminary study for Yshqur (concerto for piano and orchestra).

Abzu, Sumerian name for fresh water, draws all its musical material from Melomics’ composition #9555. It is instrumented for flute, oboe, clarinet, harp, and string quartet. Abzuis itself a preliminary study for Yshqur, a much larger scale work for piano and orchestra which will be premiered in 2012. Abzu is an example of my use of “sampled” material obtained from sources from the computational universe, in this case from Artificial Life algorithms. The use of sampled material is not a new technique, though. Composers has been using it throughout the history of music. Messiaen, for instance, used samples of birdsong in most of his works. Melomics unveils a potentially infinite resource of musical material from which composers can benefit as a source for inspiration, as well as speeding up tremendously the crative process.

Abzu, preliminary study for Yshqur. (PDF). Listen (computer emulation)

Original Melomic’s composition. (PDF, excerpt ). Listen (computer emulation, excerpt)